Open a project

In the installation folder you can find a "Samples" directory. Here you can find two project samples "SampleProjectWin7" and "SampleProjectWin10". Open the one suited with your Windows OS by going to File/Open Project menu item. You should select the file with the ".uiprj" extension from the project directory.

Run a test

Select a test (not a suite - the suites have a folder icon) and right click on it and choose "Run Test".

Run multiple tests

Check more tests (using the check-boxes) and from the main menu choose Run/Run Selected Tests.

Create new project

From the main menu choose "File/New Project". In the opened dialog box choose a folder where the project will be created and a name for the project. If you select the project tree node from the right tree you can use contextual menu to Add New Tests, Add Existing Tests, Create a new Suite or Add an existing Suite. A suite of tests is for tests like a folder for files, it's a container with tests. If you want to group more tests you can use suites.

General issues

In the Help menu you can find a help file for the library which can be used at the time scripts are written. Scripts can be edited with any text editor but the most convenient is Windows PowerShell ISE. This editor can be used for editing but also for debugging PowerShell scripts. If you click a test on the right tree you can find in the contextul menu an item called "Edit Test with Windows PowerShell ISE".

Auxiliary tools

If you choose from the main menu "Window/Show Spy" you will see a tool that can help you to write test scripts.